Megan Faye

Megan Faye is an artist and photographer based in Glasgow, United Kingdom.

She graduated from the Glasgow School of Art in 2006 with a degree in Fine Art -  Sculpture. During her degree she created photographic images based on her sculptural works, made with materials such as: ketchup, chocolate, wax, makeup, fake grass, the human body, broken appliances. She also created audio/video installations using analogue equipment to both produce, and exhibit, these degenerative textural pieces.

Since graduating Megan has worked in a multidisciplinary fashion across the fields of photography, design, craft and fine art. She loves the creative process, and has a breadth of experience and insight gained by working across different visual practices and with other creative practitioners.

Her visual career has included:  working as a live music photographer, creating animated music videos which have been screened worldwide. Running a screen printing business, selling her design led prints, t-shirts and paper goods in UK stores. Exhibiting her abstract paintings and drawings. 

Latterly Megan has worked for a number of years in higher education, supporting design, fine art and architecture students to develop their ability to learn effectively throughout their creative journey and to manage challenges they meet.

Megan is currently embarking on the next stage of her career, retraining as a photographer, with the aim to split her practice between commercial work, fine art practice, and writing and documenting process in the work of others, and her own practice.